About Mobilizr

Coming together as family, friends and as a community is the foundation of our social and cultural lives. And group communication lies at the heart of these relationships.

In recent years we’ve experienced an explosion in the use of messenger apps as the go-to communication tool for people on a daily basis. So far they have served as cool ‘toys’ – helping us connect, chat and share. But there is still so much room for improvement in group communication. People continue to struggle with messaging back-and-forth while trying to organise themselves together in their day-to-day lives.

So we want to look beyond the simple uses of the messenger and create a communication service catered specifically to improving ways which help people come together, work together and play together in real time – to mobilize!

At mobilizr we believe in the collective intelligence of people. We believe it is possible for any group of people, large or small, to collaborate in ways which enable each person in the group to tap their collective intelligence and achieve great things together, for work or play.

Our mission is to empower people with the world’s most effective real-time ‘smart’ communication tools that improve the way we organize and coordinate ourselves together for any activity or event on the day.

We believe the way to achieve this is to provide a platform that enables everyone (organizers and attendees) in any crowd to tap their shared communication network and contribute to the movement of the group as a whole.

There is nothing we cannot accomplish if we put our minds together.